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How we're going to get your website built.

There’s a lot that goes into making an effective website that will showcase your brand and help convert visitors into customers. Yes, your cousin’s neighbor’s son who is good with computers could build you a site for next to nothing. And you will get what you paid for. There’s much more to building a website than knowing how to use a computer. Let me try to break it all down for you.


Why do you even want a website?

Maybe someone just told you that you need one if you want to have a business in the modern world. Do you have products you want to sell on an e-commerce site? Perhaps you have an online service. Or you need to reach more customers. Or you want to show off your portfolio. Or you want to blog. Or you just always wanted a pretty website to call your own.

The first step is for me to learn about your business so we can figure out all of those reasons together. Who’s your audience? What are your goals? How are we going to tell your brand’s story?


We'll create an awesome site!

Now the really fun part—designing and building your website. We’ll talk about your branding, maybe get a logo designed, pick out some colors, decide on the look and feel, and put together the right design for you.

Then I build it. I do all of my work in WordPress, which is powering over 30% of the internet today. WordPress provides a powerful and secure platform that is highly customizable and adaptable to any online needs. It will help make your website look great on any screen and play well with search engines.


Now we can launch your site!

This is the best part. After thorough testing and your approval, your website will be ready for the world to see. We’ll make the site live and introduce it to Google. They’ll hang out, get to know each other, and then live happily ever after.


But wait, that's not all.

It doesn’t end with just putting a website on the internet. Don’t forget about keeping that site running at peak performance.